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4G LTE Project Overview

Today in Rural Texas, there are large areas of population that only have slow dial up or expensive satellite available for Internet service.

Tejas Wireless wants to change this reality!

4G LTE is the next step in the evolution of high speed access for rural America.We are working in partnership with a large Telecommunications carrier to bring LTE to rural Texas. We want to bring affordable internet access to the cities and towns in a swath of rural Texas. Our LTE solution will be sustainable for many years. We will be able to offer speeds up to 12MB download, far exceeding even the satellite options available in this region today.

The children in this region have access to all the world wide web has to offer – There are no barriers to their potential or their education! The small businesses in this region looking to expand to a global audience instead of just the customer down the street. Ranchers will have technology available to help grow crops, monitor their livestock and have more markets available to sell their crops and livestock. Telemedicine can be used where access to Healthcare is limited or non-existent.