Our Services

Through our partnership with the large Carrier, we will be able to offer the same exciting new features that they offer their customers nationwide.

Our approach is simple:

Offer three tiers of plans for the same price as dial up with speeds greater than that offered by satellite. Residential plans starting at $24.95 per month. Business plans from $64.95 per month

Focus on reliable, affordable internet.

Build a strong customer base of loyal customers, who are happy with their service.


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Wireless Broadband Internet

Fixed wireless broadband access is the new generation of high speed access for homes and businesses, and at Tejas Wireless, we bring affordability to high speed. Our customers experience speeds faster than DSL, and with plans starting at $24.95, we make the speed affordable as well. No wires mean no limitations, no longer are customers limited where they can use their computers, in the home, in the car, on the ranch, if you need high speed, YOU GOT IT!

VOLTE (Voice over LTE)

High Definition Voice uses wideband technology to ensure increased clarity for a better user experience. This solution utilizes a wideband codec increasing sound quality while reducing bandwidth requirements. HD (High Definition) Voice provides users with a whole new dimension to both voice and video communications. VoLTE will significantly improve our customers' experience by providing enhanced clarity and lessen the chance of "Call Drop" as users move from one tower to another.

Emergency first Responders

Tejas Wireless is working on improving the interoperability with emergency responders, by helping connect local police and fire departments through wireless technology. Tejas Wireless goal is to link Fire/Rescue with hospitals and Police departments together to help coordinate the help needed when emergencies arise.

Television (IPTV)

Tejas Wireless will be bringing the world of IPTV to rural Texas next year, and in select markets our customers will finally have a choice in television! Local channels and premium packages, starting at $29.99, Tejas Wireless is bringing affordable choices to Texas!